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Advantages with Pass Plus

You might think that passing your practical driving test makes you a safe and capable driver, but it’s just the start. Driving safely and confidently on the busy roads comes with experience. The good news is that you can help speed up the process with further training, such as Pass Plus. A number of car insurance companies will also reduce the cost of your insurance if you take a Pass Plus course in the first year after passing your practical test.

Pass PlusThe course takes around six hours, and covers practical instruction under a range of road conditions, including: town driving, adapting to the weather, rural driving, night driving, faster roads, such as dual carriageways, and motorway driving.

There is no test for Pass Plus, but you are constantly assessed during your six hours or so on the road. If you pass, you will receive a Pass Plus certificate, which you can send to your insurer to claim your car insurance discount.

In many areas, the local authority will subsidise your Pass Plus course. To find out if your local authority will contribute, go to www.gov.uk/pass-plus/local-councils-offering-discounts

To take Pass Plus and become a better driver, contact Eddie at West Wales School of Motoring on 01239 610710 or 07950 235 013.