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Aggression on the rise?

The statistics make worrying reading as it appears aggressive driving may be becoming the norm. According to a new study by Flexed, 61 per cent of drivers admit to using their car horn at least once a month. It appears we are using the horn out of mere frustration rather than to warn others of our presence.

Other anger-fuelled tactics include changing lanes several times in traffic jams (33 per cent confessed to this), pushing into traffic at junctions, jumping lights, driving in cycle lanes and on hard shoulders, and using the wrong lane to jump a queue of cars. In addition, almost a fifth of the survey’s respondents said they never let other drivers out of a side road in a traffic jam. Take note, these tactics can lead to accidents, fines or a ban – so rise above it and be courteous, patient and considerate with others, especially more vulnerable road users such as pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists.