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Around your roundabout

The next time you look at a roundabout sign and wonder why the circle depicting the roundabout is not complete, there is a deliberate reason. The gap is there to help drivers, especially foreign visitors, to understand which way to drive around the roundabout. As the majority of countries drive on the right and we drive on the left in the UK, most overseas drivers are used to approaching a roundabout anti-clockwise, and not clockwise as we do in the UK. The gap in the symbol is to show that there is no road should you be tempted to approach in an anti-clockwise direction, and you must go clockwise right around the roundabout to reach your exit. Again, looking at a roundabout sign you may think it has many exits and some look like ‘stubs’ leading nowhere. They are in fact entrances not exits and usually appear on roundabouts that form a bridge over a dual-carriageway or motorway. This can cause confusion if you are trying to count your exit number on an unfamiliar roundabout. However, you will notice that the ‘stubs’ that are not exits are directly next to, and in line with, a true exit, and form a pair on the roundabout sign, so you simply count the pair as one exit not two, making it logical and easier for you to select yours.