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Avoid breakdown blues

Breakdowns sometimes can’t be avoided, but they can be made as painless as possible if you’re ready for every eventuality. The following tips should help if you’re on a motorway:

  • Always keep a high visibility jacket, something waterproof, spare walking shoes and a charged mobile phone in your car. Even if you have sat nav keep a road map handy and the number of your emergency breakdown provider in your glove box
  • Never attempt to repair the problem yourself, call motorway control using an emergency roadside phone located at one-mile intervals. The distance to the nearest phone is shown by roadside markers at 100-metre intervals and will tell you where you are. The Highways Agency operator will pick up your location, then call your breakdown provider
  • Pull on to the hard should and park as far left as possible with your wheels turned to the left, away from traffic. Make sure you and any passengers leave by the left-hand door – never wait inside the vehicle. Stay off the road, behind a barrier or up an embankment until help arrives
  • Always turn on your hazard warning lights