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Banish those distractions

Distractions behind the wheel can be visual, auditory, physical or cognitive. Are you looking at, listening to, or thinking about something that’s taking your attention away from the road? Are you doing something in addition to driving? Any of these distractions can reduce your control of the vehicle, your reaction times and your decision-making. The good news is that you can banish them all if you want to, through straightforward self-discipline and journey planning. To help you focus and nip those dangerous distractions, simply put your phone on silent, out of reach and out of sight. You know it’s illegal to use unless you’re stationary, with engine off and keys out of the ignition. If you listen to music, get it organised before you set off to avoid searching for that elusive track at 40mph. Driving with children? Make sure they have something to distract them and not you. Avoid snacking on route as you’ll have one hand off the wheel and crisps are a distraction, so pull over for your mini meal.