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Be confident, not complacent

Home, work, friends, supermarket. That’s what most of us use our cars for usually, but no matter how regular these routes never forget that every road is different every day. If no one comes out of that driveway on 364 days of the year, when it does happen, are you ready? ‘He came out of nowhere,’ is no excuse. There’s a fine line between being confident behind the wheel and being complacent and switching off. When you feel like you know exactly where you’re going, the temptation to do other things in the car can creep in, for example, snacking or applying lip gloss. Don’t get complacent with your speedometer because you drive the same road every day. At your usual roundabouts and traffic lights the situation can change in a second. If you get out of your car with no memory of the drive, you’ve been on auto-pilot and not relying on active driving skills – consequently, you’ve been less than hyper-vigilant on the road.