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Can I drive without an MOT?

If your car is more than three years old, driving without a valid MOT certificate can invalidate your insurance and is a criminal offence. However, providing you have a proven, pre-arranged appointment, you are allowed to drive your car directly to an MOT test station. If your car fails the test but is still deemed ‘roadworthy’, you can drive it straight home and/or to a pre-arranged appointment for repairs at another garage, providing your previous year’s MOT has not expired. If your car is deemed ‘un-roadworthy’ this does not apply and you can’t drive it.
Ideally, use a garage that carries out repairs and MOT testing. By leaving your car here if it needs repairs you shouldn’t be charged for the retest. If you decide to take your car elsewhere for repair, you must return it to the same centre for the retest. You can get a partial retest (cheaper than the full test) if you have it retested less than ten working days after your initial test date. The best advice is to use your garage’s MOT test reminder service and get your car tested up to one month before your old MOT expires.