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Car park etiquette

In busy car parks, the following tips can help you avoid unnecessary bumps and scratches. Always centre your vehicle in the parking space. Overhanging the stripes will only crowd the next driver to park in the adjacent space, and this can lead to scratched paintwork. Drive your vehicle all the way into the space as this makes it easier for other drivers to see past your car when they’re backing out of adjacent spaces. It’s also helpful for shoppers pushing loaded trolleys who share the driving lane with moving vehicles. The exception is when you drive a small or compact car. With cars such as a Mini or smart car do not pull all the way into the space, park so that the back end of your car is equal with the cars beside you as this lets other drivers know that the space is occupied and avoids the false impression that the space is vacant. You may be saving yourself damage from someone who sees the ‘open’ space and pulls in a bit too quickly.