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Carry a spare bulb set

It’s not uncommon to see a car with one brake light out and if you’re the one driving, you may not realise it needs replacing. Although easily done, a faulty brake light is dangerous as it’s vital that cars behind you can tell when you’re slowing down, especially if you have to stop suddenly.
Light bulbs can go at anytime, so it’s wise to carry a spare. Also, if you are stopped by the police for having a broken light, they cannot charge you if you are able to replace the defective bulb there and then. This will save you a possible fine, points on your licence and an automatic breathalyser test. The best advice: ask someone to help you check your brake lights by standing behind your car while you apply the brakes. You should do this once a week. If you don’t feel confident fitting the new bulb yourself, your local Halfords or garage will do it for a small fee.