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Country ways

Driving on country roads makes special demands, with speed and lack of uniformity contributing to the challenge. Speed on rural roads can be tricky and posted speed limits deceptive, so it’s best not to see them as a target. Often the national speed limit of 60mph is far too fast for a country road, so keep assessing whether you’re at the right speed for the conditions and whether you feel in control. Rural roads are often interspersed with villages, which usually have strict (and strictly enforced) speed restrictions and traffic calming measures, so drive cautiously and at a moderate speed (most have posted limits of 20 or 30mph). Be aware of sudden changes in speed signage and be especially vigilant around school drop-off and pick-up times. Official signs aren’t the only ones to caution you, skid marks and damaged fences are a good indication that the road is hazardous at that point.