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Don’t be dim

Since February 2011 all newly manufactured cars are fitted with daylight driving lamps as standard. You may already have noticed cars coming towards you with bright LEDs – and if you’ve seen them it proves it works. However, many drivers of older cars still appear reluctant or simply forget to use their dipped headlights during dull daylight and rainy weather.

The typical modern car is quite capable of running its headlights in addition to all other electrical equipment, so if visibility deteriorates for any reason (not just at night) don’t hesitate to put your dipped headlights on. A good rule of thumb is to make a point of turning on your dipped headlights whenever you need to use your windscreen wipers.

You may feel that you can still see well enough, so why bother? But what you can see is not the whole story: you should also aim to be seen. Other road users may not have eyesight as good as yours. And in gloomy conditions, you need to look particularly carefully in your mirrors before changing lanes. It may be that the driver who has not ‘lit up’ is attempting to overtake you.