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Don’t dilly dally on the way

Though you might not think it, there is such a thing as being too cautious on the road. After all, there’s a clear difference between taking your time to ensure it’s safe to move and being indecisive. During your practical test, your examiner will be watching to see if you drive at an appropriate speed for the road and that you make good progress. If your examiner feels you’re being overly hesitant, they may think you lack the confidence to drive unsupervised. A prime example of dithering is taking too long to emerge from a junction if there are gaps in the oncoming traffic into which you can emerge safely, yet you wait. Again, not moving off in adequate time if you’ve been signalling to do so and then don’t despite the gaps in traffic, or taking too long to move off from a green traffic light. One of the main reasons for undue hesitation is a lack of observations which prevent you from planning smoothly ahead. For instance, if you’re not paying attention on the approach to a crossroads or roundabout, you’re going to take longer to figure out what you need to do next. You need to watch the road ahead for clues. If you’re heading to an open junction you’ll be able to spot traffic from early on and if the road is clear, simply keep on going. To avoid undue hesitation, don’t try the opposite extreme. Your examiner doesn’t want to see you speeding from junctions. They just want to see that you’re able to take advantage of opportunities when they arise. Make your observations, evaluate whether or not it’s safe, then emerge and make good progress.