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Driving alone

More young women now take the driving test than young men and combined with changes in lifestyles and work, many more women now drive alone, over greater distances and at night.

For this reason, it’s good to be prepared, so consider these tips:

  • The golden rule – never run out of fuel, so keep your tank topped up
  • Keep your car serviced – don’t leave yourself vulnerable to a breakdown
  • Breakdown cover is a great investment – have peace of mind and security, even if you don’t use it.
  • Sign up to a trusted breakdown service like the AA or RAC as they always prioritise women driving alone
  • Keys at the ready – have your keys ready as you approach your car – don’t wait until you reach it to search for them; and avoid using the remote unlocking until you’ve reached the car.
  • Lock the doors once you’re in and while you drive
  • Park in an area surrounded by other vehicles
  • Asking for directions – keep going until you find somewhere you feel safe and well lit, like a garage or fast food restaurant
  • Keep your mobile phone charged – an in-car mobile charger is a great idea. If you breakdown, or get lost, summon help quickly from a trusted source
  • Emergency kit – keep a coat, sensible shoes, blanket, torch, some spare money, old fashioned map and chocolate in the car