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Driving while pregnant

‘Can I drive while pregnant?’ is a frequently asked question. The good news is that, as long as you’re feeling fine, it shouldn’t stop you driving for most of your pregnancy but note the following advice. Firstly, always wear your seatbelt unless you’ve been given an exemption certificate from your GP. If you’re stopped by the police and you’re not wearing your seatbelt, you will be asked to produce the certificate. Although it may feel uncomfortable wearing a seatbelt, it’s crucial for safety so make sure the top part goes over your collarbone and between your breasts, while the lower strap lies across your thighs and hips and under your bump, rather than across it – and avoid ‘lap only belts’.

Airbags are considered safe for pregnant drivers. However, you should move your seat back and then tilt it to get some distance between your bump and the steering wheel. As your bump grows you should adjust your seat further away from the wheel. Should you suffer from swollen ankles or cramp, then avoid long drives without breaks and stop at least every 90 minutes to wiggle your ankles and flex your legs. Finally, keep your car well maintained, you don’t want unexpected breakdowns and if you’re tired, don’t drive if you don’t feel up to it.