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Flashing blue in your rear view

Loud sirens and flashing blue lights can cause drivers to panic, mainly because we are not routinely taught how to respond to them. Emergency vehicle drivers want you to help them reach the emergency as quickly as possible, so behave calmly, legally, safely and predictably.

Follow these tips from the Institute of Advanced Motorists:

  • Keep your cool. If you see or hear an emergency vehicle approaching, improve your concentration by turning off your music and take a few seconds to plan your next move
  • Look for somewhere to pull over and stop if it’s safe to do so, even if the vehicle is on the other side of the road.
  • Indicators can be used to show you have acknowledged the approaching blue lights and intend to move, but avoid indicating if this could confuse other road users
  • Stay safe and avoid pulling on to kerbs, pavements and verges which can mask a variety of hazards
  • Stick to the law, if you go through a red light or into a bus lane to make way for the emergency vehicle you are breaking the law and could be fined, irrespective of your good intentions
  • Stay alert, there may be more than one emergency vehicle. Look around before moving off and bear in mind that you may need to move over again