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Fog alert

Fog is estimated statistically to be the most dangerous weather to drive in. So take note that hanging on to the car lights in front of you might seem the easiest way to cope in fog, especially at night or if you are tired, but this can be dangerous. As you can’t see very far ahead, you’ll have little or no warning if the vehicle in front stops suddenly, especially if it’s using rear fog lights which can mask the effect of brake-lights.

Remember SAS – your space and speed – watch your speed and leave extra space when it’s foggy. Tips for keeping safe include:

  • Avoid using your full beam in fog at night as the light will reflect back off the fog and reduce what you can see. Apart from dazzling the drivers in front, your full lights can throw a shadow in front of their vehicles making it harder for them to see
  • Slow down – it’s easy to get a false sense speed in fog so check your speedo
  • At junctions, wind down your window and listen for other traffic – turning off the
  • When you stop in traffic or at junctions, keep your foot on the brake pedal until you
  • Use your windscreen wipers and washers often and keep your de-misters switched
  • If the fog is really dense use the left edge of the road as a guide
  • If you have to park, use a car park or other off-road location radio will help. Sound your horn to warn other drivers that you are there know that the driver behind has seen you on