Frequently Asked Questions

How much do the driving lessons and courses cost?

What is your pass rate and is a pass guaranteed?
What areas does West Wales School of Motoring cover?
Can I bring a friend or my family?
What if I'm not sure which course to book?
Can I book a course without accommodation?
What if I need a few more hours than I booked?
What documents will I need?
What other items should I bring with me?
What car will I learn to drive in?
What car will I take my practical test on?
Is the practical test fee included in my course?
As a non-driver how do I get to West Wales School of Motoring?
How many hours of driving lessons do I have per day on an intensive or residential course?
Does West Wales School of Motoring offer lessons in an automatic car?
Do you offer DVSA Driving Theory training?
What happens if I fail my practical driving test?
What is the residential accommodation?
Can I use my laptop, tablet and smart phone?
Can I learn to drive either a manual or an automatic car?