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Good drivers always C.O.A.S.T

The process of learning how to drive begins in earnest after you have passed your test. Even if you complete the same journey every day, you never know what you might encounter. For this reason, repeat the acronym C.O.A.S.T every time you get behind the wheel. This stands for five crucial elements that contribute to safer driving. The letter C is for Concentration. Even the smallest lapse can be dangerous. O is for Observation, so use your mirrors regularly, pay close attention to all that is going on around you, and indicate your intentions clearly. A is for Anticipation because you can’t always predict what other drivers will do, especially at junctions. S is for Space, so give other drivers more room and yourself the space to take evasive action if need be. Lastly, T is for Time, allow more time to brake in bad weather and plenty of time to pull out safely at junctions and roundabouts. Don’t take risks by trying to get ahead when a few extra seconds can keep everyone safer.