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Handle with care

Scientific data shows that fuel pump handles can be virus carriers and could put motorists at risk. Studies have shown that certain bugs can survive on surfaces for four to five days and fuel pumps which are regularly touched by drivers fly under the radar when it comes to virus transmission. How many of us bother to wear the protective, disposable gloves available on most forecourts when filling up? And how many of us fill up and then head to the cash desk and buy crisps or a sandwich to eat in our vehicle? Habits like these can leave you vulnerable. For this reason, you’re encouraged to keep disinfectant wipes in your car to clean your hands and other surfaces which may have become infected. A survey across major American towns found fuel pumps were the most infectious item regularly used by the public, and more infectious than escalators and cash machine buttons. The best advice: always disinfect your hands after visiting a petrol pump and be sure not to touch your face.