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Hold your horses

If you are approaching a horse from behind, hold back while gathering enough information to pass safely. Do not get any closer than three car lengths and be careful not to creep into this space. Be prepared to slow down further or even stop to protect this space as horses can react and move incredibly quickly. Again, make sure you give the horse enough space when passing. Best advice is at least a car’s width and make sure this is done slowly, at no more than 15mph. When you see riders two abreast it is usually for safety reasons, an inexperienced rider or a nervous animal being coached along by a more experienced companion. This is a good opportunity to share road space safely and use the information around you. Road signs, horses in fields, horse muck on the road or signs to an equestrian centre are all clues to help you anticipate meeting riders on the road – and when you do, ‘wide and slow’ is the mantra.