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How to manage your speed

Speed in itself is not a bad thing, after all, we all want to get about quickly but inappropriate or illegal speeds are a problem. You’ll quickly learn that managing your speed requires focus and in road safety terms, the speed that your car is travelling makes a huge difference. The safest solution is to drive at a speed appropriate for your road conditions. For example, if you’re on a road with a speed limit of 40mph, you will need to consider the course of the road and ask yourself: are there bends, junctions, dips, bumps or other road infrastructure that might make it more difficult to see an approaching hazard or stop quickly? What is on either side of the road? Are there any clues to suggest children and pedestrians are likely to cross? What’s the volume of traffic and what are the weather conditions? Wet weather, for instance, has the effect of increasing your stopping distances and spray from other vehicles can reduce visibility. Again, is there mud on the road or any warning signs that suggest that there might be slow-moving agricultural vehicles ahead? If any of these factors apply, then driving at or near 40mph may not be appropriate or safe. Whatever the speed limit on your road, the golden rule is to take account of the conditions. Remember, the speed limit is not a target, all it shows is the maximum speed allowed on that stretch of road.