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In the 20mph zone

As London and other cities introduce blanket 20mph speed limits on certain roads, the likelihood that you unintentionally creep over this limit should be considered. Speed is always a personal choice, so don’t take a risk. Fortunately, there are several practical tips to help you remain legal at 20mph. Always leave plenty of time for your journeys and avoid feeling under pressure to ‘press on’. As well as making regular checks of your speedometer, get used to the sound and feel of your car engine at 20mph. Watch out for road signs, so you know when you’re in a 20mph zone. It’s easy to miss them when you’re negotiating busy junctions, so make a positive point of looking for these signs and for further signs that repeat the limit. If you know you tend to drive fast, work out what makes you do it. Are you in a hurry? Do passengers encourage you to speed up? Does your choice of music affect how fast you go? Once you recognise the factors, then you’re more likely to take control and stick to the lower limit.