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Just over the speed limit?

Although we all know speeding is illegal, it’s easy to break the limit unintentionally at some point, even if it’s only one mile per hour too quickly. But there’s no excuse, even if you drive one mph over the limit, you are still breaking the law. Speed limits are just that – a limit, not a recommended speed, and they are there for a good reason. In reality, if you do drive very slightly over the limit, the police may use their discretion, but don’t be lulled into thinking there is a ‘10% plus 2’ rule and your speeding is acceptable. In reality, there is a ‘10% recommendation’ and police officers are under no obligation to ignore your offence, even if it’s fractionally over the limit. One effective way to follow the limits and avoid fines and penalty points, is simply to imagine your driving instructor sitting next to you on every journey. You should be aware that once you’ve passed your test, you will be subject to the ‘new driver act’ whereby if you accumulate six points on your licence within the first two years of passing, you’ll automatically lose it. You will then be required to re-pass your theory and practical test and this will affect your insurance for the next five years. Why put yourself through this and compromise the safety of other road users when you can simply ease your foot off the pedal?