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Keep your distance on ice

As your driving lessons progress, you’ll discover that stopping distances increase depending on your speed and weather conditions, especially on icy roads, but do you know by how much? It can take ten times as long to stop on an icy road as it does on a dry one, so increase the distance between yourself and the car in front by the same amount. A good rule of thumb is to be 20 seconds behind the car ahead if the road is icy. That way, if the car in front has to stop suddenly, you’ll have time to stop or take evasive action. To check you’re far enough away, watch for the car in front to pass an object, for example, a lamp post, bridge or sign. Then count how many seconds go by before you pass the same object. If it’s under 20 seconds, you should back off and allow more space. However, you may encounter drivers ignoring this advice. If you leave a sensible 20-second gap between your car and the one in front, another car or van may try to fill that gap. Be aware of this and be prepared to give way to somebody driving antisocially and unsafely.