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Long distances alone

If you’ve got a long drive ahead, you’ll want to enjoy it. Here are some tips to make the time fly: drive to soothing music, avoid rock or metal music in short bursts, this will only increase the fatigue factor and induce boredom – soulful rock or instrumentals are best. Avoid driving on an empty stomach as this is energy sapping, so eat at regular intervals but not too much. Stock up on water, juices and snacks – preferably fruit as this provides energy. Don’t constantly time yourself, this will only stress you out, take each mile as it comes. Drive at an easy pace – if you’re in a hurried state of mind this will tire you and make it more difficult to sustain yourself throughout the drive. Even if it’s hot/cold outside, open a window every once in a while as fresh air keeps you alert. Long drives can be a great way to relax alone and you’ll actually get to know yourself better.