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Mirror mentor

Making sure you adjust your side mirrors to the right position every time you get in the driver’s seat is essential. To adjust your right, driver-side mirror, always make sure the horizon is in the centre of the mirror. The horizon is the furthest point you can see, at which the road behind you disappears. Make sure you have a good view of any vehicles behind and to the right of you, and that you can only see a minimal amount of your own vehicle on the left of the mirror. Getting your correct side mirror positioning is important, as you’ll rely on this mirror a lot, especially when moving off, joining the dual carriageway and overtaking.

The same rules apply for the left side mirror. Adjust it until you can see the horizon in the centre and a minimal amount of the side of your car in the right side. Adjusting your left side mirror can be tricky if you don’t have electronic controls from the driver’s seat. You must always adjust your mirrors from the driver’s seat, because this is the view you’ll have at the wheel. If you can’t adjust your left side mirror from your seat, move it a little at a time, sitting back in the driver’s side each time to make sure the position is correct. Alternatively, if you have a passenger, ask them to move the mirror for you while you guide them.