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More haste, less speed

As you gain driving experience, you’ll discover that one thing other motorists can’t stand is loitering. A dawdling, indecisive driver who brakes for every kink and panics at every roundabout is guaranteed to annoy. In short, don’t unnecessarily hang around if the road is clear, keep rolling. This is not to encourage breaking the speed limit, rather to keep a moderate sense of haste when necessary. Let’s not forget, learners can fail their practical test for ‘undue hesitation’. If another driver is being over cautious be wary. They are either lost or under stress and either way not likely to be fully concentrating. There’s also a good chance that the driver in front of you may be driving to their own abilities simply to keep their independence. It may be frustrating, but the best advice is to give them some space in case they react unpredictably, and only pass them if it’s safe to do so.