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Morning after driving

With summer comes the al fresco social events such as BBQs, picnics and camping. More often than not the Pimms is flowing and the cans are chilling, but are you aware how much you’re drinking and how long it stays in your system? You may do the right thing by not drinking and driving on the night – but fail to realise the time it takes for alcohol to leave your body the next morning.

The Association of Police Officers has revealed that more people fail breath tests between 06.00 and 11.00 than around midnight. A 440ml can of 5% cider or lager can take 2.5 hours to leave your system. There’s a chance when you jump in the car next morning you are unwittingly still over the drink drive limit. The Morning After website has a handy calculator to indicate how long it takes alcohol to pass through your body.