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On the sunny side

Drivers who don’t wear sunglasses to protect against the dazzling effects of the sun may be inadvertently putting the safety of all roads users at risk. The consequences of not driving safely due to being blinded by the sun – whether it’s as a result of not wearing sunglasses, not using a vehicle’s sun visor or not slowing down are severe. You could be deemed to be driving without due care and attention and face an on-the-spot fine of £100 and three penalty points on your licence. The advice, according to Rule 237 of the Highway Code, is to slow down or pull over if you become ‘dazzled by bright sunlight’. This means that, although it’s not a legal requirement to drive wearing sunglasses in bright conditions, you could be breaking the law if you don’t slow down or stop if you become temporarily blinded by the sun. When it comes to choosing sunglasses, it’s essential you pick the right pair as some hamper driving. In the UK, sunglasses are normally labelled with a category, so avoid category four glasses which are illegal, and should be marked ‘not suitable for driving and road use’. Also avoid variable tint lenses behind the wheel.