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One way or another?

While we can all take a wrong turn on occasion, have you considered what you should do if you accidentally drive the wrong way down a one-way street? After realising your error, should you carry on against the flow of traffic or reverse back out of the road? Unfortunately, you could be fined for either option. By reversing back up the road, you could be charged with careless driving which carries an on-the-spot fine and three penalty points as reversing out of the one-way street could be potentially dangerous to passengers, pedestrians or other road users. However, if you continue driving in the wrong direction you could also be fined for failing to comply with a traffic sign or careless driving. According to the AA, if you do enter a one-way street incorrectly you should not reverse back out again. The best advice is to keep calm and pull over on the side of the road as soon as possible and put your hazard lights on. You should then wait for a gap in the traffic so you can turn around and the drive out of the one-way system safely.