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Parking with precision

Be aware that if you park your car more than 50cm away from the kerb or pavement, you could receive an on-the-spot fine which is currently £70. This 50cm space leaves you a tight margin for error, so it’s important to focus as it could turn into a double-parking charge if no part of your car is within 50cm from the edge of the carriageway. This can easily happen if you try to force yourself too tightly into a space which doesn’t allow you room to manoeuvre properly. To check you are correctly parked, 50cm equates to just half a metre or the width of a standard household wheelie bin. Rule 242 of the Highway Code states ‘you must not leave your vehicle (or a trailer) in a position where it may cause a danger or an unnecessary road obstruction’. This is backed up by Section 22 of the Road Traffic Act and councils across the UK already implement this policy as a way of maintaining local parking standards. To stay within the 50cm limit, make it an automatic reflex to check your distance from the kerb every time you park.