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Pothole advice

Avoiding potholes is an everyday hazard and number one gripe for drivers, so the following tips may help:

  • Keep your eyes peeled in wet weather when deep potholes may be hidden beneath puddles
  • Maintain plenty of distance between your car and the vehicle in front so you can see the potholes in advance
  • Stay alert and aware of other traffic or pedestrians before changing course to avoid a pothole
  • Try not to apply your brakes when driving over a pothole. When you brake you tilt the car forward placing more stress on the front suspension
  • Drive over potholes with care – if you have to drive over one, allow the wheel to roll freely into the hole
  • Recovering lost parts – if your car sustains damage, such as a lost hubcap, ensure you stop in a safe location before attempting to recover it or inspect the damage
  • If you do hit a pothole and suspect damage, go to your local garage and get it checked out, there could be tracking, wheel balancing or suspension problems