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Quick steps to demisting

In colder months, misty car windows can be irritating and a safety hazard, so demisting your windscreen before driving off is essential. Not doing so impedes your vision and then you’ll be driving illegally. When the temperature drops, your windscreen mostly mists up due to the water vapour in the atmosphere that occurs when your body heats the air inside the car, as does your breath, and when it comes into contact with the cold windscreen glass, condenses forming a mist. The most effective way to clear the windscreen is to start your car heater on cold and slowly increase the temperature letting the air dry out, rather than overloading the cabin with hot ‘wet’ air. Make sure your heater’s blast is directed at the windscreen and the windows as the warmer air dries the glass and heats it up to stop water vapour condensing on it again. It will take a few minutes so don’t set off until all your windows are completely clear. If you have air conditioning make sure it’s switched on and use it in conjunction with the heater to help dry the cabin atmosphere. Alternatively, if you have a clever climate control system, use the demisting setting. If you don’t have climate control, roll your windows down as the dry, cold air from outside reduces the water vapour inside your car and stops the misting. Once your windows are clear then warm the car to a comfortable temperature. Should your windows start to mist up again during driving roll the windows down once more. Remember, keeping your windscreen clean in winter goes a long way to stopping it misting up. A handy tip is to clean your windscreen inside with shaving foam. Although this protective barrier needs to be repeated regularly, it’s a trick ice hockey players use to stop their facemasks steaming up on the ice. Certain items in your car can also help to increase misting. These include dog blankets, umbrellas and coats, so it’s a good idea to remove these whenever you’re not driving.