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Reasons to reverse park

The next time you’re in a car park, ask yourself the question do you drive into your parking space forwards and reverse out, or reverse in and drive straight out? There’s no doubt it’s easier and more convenient to drive in forwards, especially if you are loading shopping into the boot, but there are good reasons to reverse park instead. It does demand a greater measure of skill, but it’s safer to reverse into the relative shelter of a parking space than to reverse out into the hazard that a line of moving traffic presents. Again, your view is more restricted through the rear windows if you reverse out, compared to your front windscreen and side windows. Most drivers find it easier to control a car going forwards than backwards, even with modern parking assist systems, and by exiting a parking space driving forwards you have better acceleration, improved vision and avoid a potentially high risk reversing manoeuvre. Furthermore, if anything happens to your engine, such as a flat battery, you have easier access to the bonnet if you reverse park. In an emergency, it’s also quicker to drive straight out. The next time you park, make a point of reversing into that space. It’s worth noting that an increasing number of companies have a mandatory ‘Reverse Park Only’ policy in their car parks to comply with health and safety at work. Another reason to get the reversing habit.