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Reversing made easy

When you drive forward you don’t look at the steering wheel because you’re looking where you want your car to go. With practice, your brain automatically works out how much steering to do and when to steer because your hands on the wheel will follow your eyes. It’s the same with reversing, so your main focus should be out of the back window. For this reason, the Highway Code allows you to take off your seatbelt for any manoeuvre involving reversing, so you can move more freely in your seat and see clearly out of the back window. As you look out of the back window, try pointing the way you want the back of the car to go and steer the way you are pointing. If you want the back of your car to go left, steer left, and if you want it to go right, steer right. It’s tempting to simply use your interior mirror to reverse, but this makes the whole task more exacting. After all, what do mirrors do? They reverse images, making it more difficult to work out your steering.