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Rural reminder

Although rural roads are generally quieter than main roads in towns and cities, driving them safely involves practice and consideration. For example, some rural roads will not have markings to indicate where the centre of the road is. If this is the case, you’ll need to think about lane positioning and be careful to ensure you stick to the left hand side of the road. Bear in mind that large vehicles, like tractors or lorries, may be coming in the opposite direction, so you must be prepared to slow down and possibly stop on a narrow lane.

Driving on rural roads at night opens up more challenges. It’s likely that there won’t be street lighting, so you’ll have to rely on your dipped headlights and full beam to illuminate the road ahead. Make sure you adjust your speed appropriately, always remembering that you should be able to stop in the space you can see ahead of you. It’s also likely there’ll be more animals around at night, so be prepared in case something runs out in front of you.