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Shoes for driving

We all like to be in fashion, but when we’re driving it sometimes has to take a back seat. These shoe styles are not suitable behind the wheel:

  • Platforms – they’re heavy with thick soles, so they’re awkward to manoeuvre on the pedals, blunt what you can feel and risk becoming jammed
  • Stilettos – high, sharply pointed heels risk becoming caught in the floor mat, and hold your foot at the wrong angle for driving safely
  • Strappy sandals – flimsy, loose shoes may slip on the pedals
  • Trainers – thick, chunky air soles restrict movement and the ridges may catch against the pedals. Not enough feel between your foot and the controls
  • Mules, clogs, and slippers – these are not secure enough and may slip off as you drive. You need shoes that stay securely on the foot
  • Boots – too restrictive of ankle movement, and knee-length styles can catch against the seat

The ideal type of driving shoe has a thin, reasonably smooth sole and a low, thick heel.