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Situation understeer

Understeering happens when the front wheels of your car slip on the road. It usually occurs when you carry too much speed into a corner, and the car doesn’t respond to your steering – instead, it continues to ‘plough’ straight on, or doesn’t turn as much as you want it to. The simple way to prevent this is to ensure your speed is relevant to the conditions, and you’re not driving too quickly for the corner.

However, if you do find yourself in an understeer situation, there are ways to react. The key is to ‘remove the cause’ of the skid. Release the accelerator to reduce your speed, and straighten the steering wheel to allow the front wheels to regain traction.

Similarly, oversteering affects the rear wheels if you enter a corner too quickly as the momentum can bring the back end of the car around. The way to counter this is to steer into the skid or slide – so if you’re going around a left-hand corner and the rear end of the car slides to the right, you need to steer to the right.