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Slow driver alert

Driving too slowly is rarely the direct cause of an incident but driving like a snail can be as dangerous as driving like a cheetah. Learner drivers aside, driving behind someone who is going too slowly creates frustration for other motorists and provokes dangerous behaviours. This can lead to tailgating, abrupt braking, over-ambitious overtakes, undertaking on the motorway, tailbacks and road rage. While punishments are normally associated with speeding, if you do drive too slowly you could be charged with driving without reasonable consideration for other road users or driving without due care and attention, and face a £100 fine and three points on your licence. There are a number of reasons why people drive too slowly. They may lack confidence on the road, have health-related issues like bad eyesight, poor reactions or anxiety, or think they’re conserving fuel, but getting frustrated because of somebody else’s bad driving is pointless. Better to laugh it off and see the funny side of getting riled at a complete stranger who you’ll never see again. To make sure you are driving at the right speed, use common sense, courtesy and the maximum speed limits as a guideline. If you don’t stray too far below the speed limit, you won’t put others at risk or break the law. Remember, if you do feel pressurised by cars behind you, then simply find a safe place to pull over and allow following traffic to pass. It will be less stressful and less frustrating for everyone.