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Smiling works!

Is there a busy junction that you struggle to pull out of, perhaps with a constant stream of traffic where nobody wants to stop? The best way to deal with this situation is to smile. It really works. Put on a grin and it won’t be long before someone lets you out. Even the most grumpy-looking drivers seem to find it hard to drive past if you are beaming at them.

The trick is to make it obvious that you want to be let out. Your body language should demonstrate that you are poised and ready to go, should they be so kind, so lean forward. Wind down your window so you can be seen better. Once you get eye contact with someone, you’re halfway there. Widen your grin and they are bound to stop. Then check it is safe to go and nip out followed by a friendly nod and everyone’s happy. You are most likely to strike lucky with a professional driver as they tend to be more aware of what is going on around them – so look out for lorry, taxi and bus drivers. However, never force your way out uninvited.