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Many problems associated with driving in snow can be avoided if you plan in advance. People routinely travel with only the minimum of safety equipment, without realising their journey could be longer than expected. At the very least you should have a shovel, torch, blanket, jump-leads and towrope. You should ensure your mobile phone is fully charged, and the number of your recovery organisation is saved into it – and don’t set out without knowing the locations of petrol stations on your way. This might sound obvious, but too many of us forget. If you do get stuck in snow:

  • Don’t spin your wheels – this will only result in your vehicle being deeper in the snow
  • Move your wheels from side to side to manoeuvre snow away from the tyres
  • Shovel snow away from around the wheels and place sand/rug/cardboard under them – this will provide traction and grip for the wheels
  • Put the vehicle in a low gear and gently accelerate, try not to stop until you are on firmer ground