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Stay safe at the fuel pump

As a driver, it makes perfect sense these days to be careful and wear hand protection when you refuel your car as it’s only too easy to pick up an unwanted virus from a petrol or diesel fuel pump handle. With more than two million motorists refilling their vehicles every day, the risk multiplies. Wearing hand protection before you pick up the fuel nozzle will form an essential barrier between your hand and whatever the driver in front may have left on that surface. Given that you’ll be holding a handle that has been tightly held by hundreds of other drivers for up to three minutes, ‘gloving-up’ is the only way to protect yourself and stop transmission at the pump. You only have to look at how frequently other drivers touch their faces or eat on the go, to know that if they haven’t worn gloves for refuelling viruses like Covid-19 will spread. This one simple act can help to slow down transmission and prevent a virus that sits invisibly on pump handles from leaping miles in a matter of hours, especially if you take a long journey.