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Stealing Views

When arriving first at a ‘T’ junction or roundabout, how do you feel when another vehicle pulls alongside and blocks out your view to the left or right? You may well feel angry at this ill-mannered action, but remember that it’s not personal as the driver will probably not have considered they’ve blocked your view. You can console yourself with the thought that you would never do that!

It may be tempting to pull forward to regain the view but this may lead to the front of your car protruding into a major road, or lead to a similar moving forward by the other driver which should be avoided. The only safe way is to wait until that vehicle leaves and you are then able to recheck the view.
When you are the second vehicle to arrive, you need to consider that the view is ‘owned’ by the first driver so take care not to obscure it, particularly if you are driving a higher vehicle with restricted views through it. If you are driving the second vehicle on the approach to a roundabout in the left lane, stopping slightly back to retain the view behind the stationary vehicle to your right is a useful approach.