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Steering with one hand?

Most of us develop unique driving styles and habits once we’ve passed the practical test and as long as this doesn’t result in dangerous driving that’s fine. However, one habit you may not notice yourself doing is steering with one hand on the wheel. Although many drivers admit to this, ideally both your hands should remain on the steering wheel at all times, even with power steering, unless you’re changing gear, using the controls or handbrake. Resting your arm on the door for comfort, holding the gearstick or eating are not really acceptable reasons for steering with one hand. While it’s not illegal, and you won’t fail your test, a hands-off approach generally means you’re not fully concentrating and more likely to be multi-tasking, for example, searching for something, using a satnav, drinking, sorting your music or attending to children. No matter how experienced you are, driving one-handed means you’re not fully in control of the car in the event of the unexpected. The only time you can steer safely with one hand is when you’re reversing and need to turn to look out of the back window, in this instance you can rest your other hand on the passenger seat. The best advice, keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.