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Too close for comfort

You’re driving at the speed limit but someone behind you just can’t bear it. So how do you deal with it? You might assume they’re bullying and impatient, but not every tailgater is making an aggressive move. Many drivers get too close to the car in front because they’re distracted or have developed bad habits over the years. Don’t assume they are angry as this can make you feel intimidated and lead to mistakes. If the driver behind does not maintain a safe distance, don’t be bullied into speeding up as they will probably speed up as well and close the gap again which makes it worse because now you’re than speeding up to 50mph in a 40mph zone because you’re being pressured. You might want to consider P-plates on your car for a year after you pass your test as they can act as a reminder to the driver behind. It’s easy to find yourself looking for too long in your rear-view mirror when the real hazards are in front of you. If you’re feeling bothered pull over safely to let them pass. Tailgating frequently happens in 20 and 30mph zones, precisely the places where speed limits are most important, such as rural roads or school zones. Someone trying to pressure you into driving at an unsafe speed is not worth your worry, so hold steady.