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Hill parking

Even if you live in a relatively flat area, it’s important you know how to park on a hill safely. Always make sure you park close to the kerb or verge and apply the handbrake firmly. If you are facing uphill at a curb or verge, remember to turn your front wheels away from the curb, towards the road so if your car rolls backwards your front tyre will hit the curb or verge and stop the car rolling back further. It’s also important to select first gear (or ‘park’ if you are driving an automatic), this will keep your engine engaged and prevent your car from further rolling.

If you park facing downhill, turn your front wheels towards the curb or shoulder and select reverse gear, this will stop your car rolling into the road should your brakes become disengaged. If you are parking uphill or downhill but on the right-hand side of the road, simply turn the wheel in the opposite direction to that when you park on the left.

Parking on hills

If you park on a hill you should always park close to the kerb and apply the handbrake firmly. For added safety, there are two important points to remember. If you are facing uphill, make sure you select a forward gear and turn your steering wheel away from the kerb. If you’re facing downhill, make sure you have selected reverse gear and turn your steering wheel towards the kerb.