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Think about the lorry driver

You may not like driving behind or overtaking large lorries, but have you considered that the way you drive might be causing the lorry driver problems? You could be driving dangerously and not know it. For example, it’s dangerous to pull out of a junction at the last minute in front of a lorry as this makes it difficult for the driver of a 44-metre long vehicle to slow down in time. Due to the weight of the lorry, even though it’s braking, the momentum of the load pushes the vehicle forward. As a car driver, you might not have considered the logic of how a lorry stops and should bear this in mind the next time you pull out of a junction late or at a roundabout. Again, think about the implications of pulling in too quickly after you overtake a lorry. Your action will force the lorry driver to brake, causing problems for the lorry and drivers behind and makes it taxing for the lorry to get back up to speed due to loss of momentum. Next time you overtake a lorry make sure there’s plenty of room ahead of you, and only pull in when you’re well beyond it. At roundabouts, don’t try to speed through just as a lorry pulls out, and always indicate clearly. If a lorry starts to pull out because you’ve not indicated or indicate late, it’s hard for it to stop again and this will back up traffic. Double parking or thoughtless parking on narrow roads is another gripe as this prevents deliveries and also blocks fire engines, so be aware. And while it’s frustrating to be stuck behind a large vehicle on a country lane, trying to overtake when you can’t see clearly past it or see the on-coming traffic compromises everyone’s safety.