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Know your pedestrian crossings

There are six different types of pedestrian crossings, so make sure you’re comfortable with each kind: School crossing, Zebra crossing, Pelican crossing, Puffin crossing, Toucan crossing and Pegasus crossing.

Did you know that the Toucan crossing is named because ‘two can’ cross, meaning both pedestrians and cyclists can use the crossing? The Toucan is almost twice as wide as the Puffin and Pelican crossings, so it should be easy to spot. Like the Puffin crossing, the Toucan has zig-zag markings on the approach, a set of traffic lights and a control panel allowing pedestrians to activate the lights. The panel shows green and red bicycle symbols in addition to the iconic red and green man symbols.

Follow the usual rules for pedestrian crossings when using a Toucan crossing, but pay extra attention for cyclists in your mirrors. Also, keep an eye out for a steady amber light: it means that you have to slow down and prepare to stop on the line.

Zig-zag lines

Most pedestrian crossings are protected by zig-zag zones clearly marked on the road. While it may be tempting to stop here and nip to the cash machine, it is illegal and you will get a three point penalty and a £60 fine if caught. Take note, this is not a parking fine but a criminal offence. It’s also illegal to overtake in a zig-zag zone, even if the road is clear and the crossing is not being used. Better to respect the zone than risk it.