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How to use your fog lights

When you drive in foggy conditions, it’s vital to know how to keep yourself and other drivers safe. Using your fog lights correctly is important as you can be fined for using them at the wrong time. According to the RAC your fog lights should only be switched on when visibility drops below 100 metres (328 feet) which is roughly the length of a football pitch, however, the organisation also advises that you use your common sense. If the fog is so severe you’re struggling to see other vehicles use them, but don’t keep switching them off and on again as this can confuse other drivers. Rear fog lights are considered the more important, while your front fog lights should only be switched on in severely restricted conditions. Under the Road Vehicles Lighting Regulations 1989, you are prohibited from using fog lights to dazzle other drivers when visibility is not reduced, or when your vehicle is parked, and never use them in rain or drizzle. All cars are fitted with rear fog lights by law and many now have them both front and back. In case you’re not familiar with the symbol for your front fog lights, it is a lamp pointing to the left with lines pointing diagonally down through a vertical wavy line. The symbol for your rear fog lights is a lamp pointing to the right, with lines pointing horizontally straight through the wavy line. Look out for these on your dashboard, steering wheel stalk or next to the dial you use to control your regular lights. There will be a symbol on your car’s dashboard or on the fog light button itself, which is usually amber for the rear fog lights and green for the front. If you have automatic lights activated by low light levels, remember to check the lights are on as they may not activate automatically in foggy conditions.