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Do a good turn

Failing to correctly and safely indicate when turning near pedestrians could lead to a fine, nine points on your licence and even disqualification. According to the Highway Code, you must always: ‘Warn and inform other road users, including pedestrians, of your intended actions.’ When turning into a side street, if a pedestrian has already started to cross the road you should allow them to cross safely as they have the right of way. Again, you should also be aware of pedestrians who are looking to cross the street, and clearly indicate to let them know of your decision to turn. While failing to indicate is not an offence in itself, should it lead to an incident with a pedestrian or colliding with another road user, it could be deemed careless or dangerous driving. Best advice: always signal your intentions to other road users clearly, including pedestrians. Failing to do so may mean you fall below the threshold of being a careful, competent driver and you could receive a ‘driving without due care and attention’ charge.

On turning right

By definition, while you’re waiting to turn right, your vehicle is preparing to move across
oncoming traffic. As you sit waiting for a suitable gap to cross, it’s a good idea to think about
your steering and the direction your wheels are pointing. Your front wheels should be pointing
straight ahead until the time comes to actually cross the road. Resist the temptation to turn
the wheels to the right in readiness. Keeping your wheels straight ensures that if you are hit
from behind, perhaps by a vehicle filtering past on your left, the impact is less likely to send
you into any oncoming traffic. Not only is it safer to complete the steering manoeuvre in one
go, you will also avoid ‘dry steering’ which occurs when you twist the tyres round when they
are not rolling. This places wear on the tyres and a strain on your steering linkages.

Making a pass

In normal driving you should only pass other moving vehicles on their right. However, there are four exceptions to this rule:

In all of these situations you must take special care. For example with a vehicle turning right do not rely on a signal alone if you plan to pass on the left – some drivers are lost or change their mind at the last moment. Exercise caution and be ready to change your mind. If you are in any doubt, wait until the situation becomes clear.

Wheels ahead when turning right

If you are turning right off a road and have to wait for oncoming traffic, always keep your wheels pointing straight ahead. If you are hit from behind, you won’t be steered into the oncoming traffic.